Sianie's Kitchen

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Wheelwrights Barn, Cooting Lane, Adisham,

Canterbury, Kent. CT3 3JG


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Sianie's Kitchen

It really is the simple things, folks.

By Sianie's Kitchen, Sep 11 2016 08:51AM

I'm just so lucky, I have a wonderful hubbie, whom I love with all my heart, 4 amazing boys, of whom I am so proud and I adore and a very happy life. This weekend we have spent time with friends, met customers, new & old. Sold produce grown & made by ourselves. Today we're off to our new allotment, with our chickens to continue the massive clearing job that an abandoned plot involves, with camping stove of course so we can make a cuppa when required. Then back home later for a home cooked roast chicken ( not one of ours I hasten to add!) with all the trimmings. It really is the simple things folks. Hope you're all having a great weekend, whatever you're up to.

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